Put emotion to work

The fast way to create better campaigns, content and results.

Want to find out more about how testing and measuring emotional impact can improve your marketing?

Put emotion to work

The fast way to create better campaigns, content and results.

Want to find out more about how testing and measuring emotional impact can improve your marketing?

Use emotional intelligence to predict marketing impact

By harnessing emotion AI, Kanjo tests, measures and reveals your audiences’ emotional reactions to your marketing content.

Uncovering insights into how well your creative grabs attention, sustains engagement and reduces cognitive load.

Giving you the power to build stronger connections with customers, improve the impact of your marketing and increase ROI — quickly and easily.

Kanjo makes emotion work effectively for you.

The Creative Testing Platform

Designed and developed by an ex-agency team; Kanjo is custom-built for advertising and marketing agencies, in-house marketing teams, behavioural science practitioners, charities, NGOs and not-for-profits.

Kanjo allows you to understand the emotional drivers of your audience, benchmark the strength of your marketing against your competitors, and test the emotional impact of creative concepts — before and after you launch your campaign.

With Kanjo you can test and measure the emotional impact to a wide range of marketing content including: Creative concepts, TV, animation and video, social media, print, digital display, storyboards, moodboards, messaging and propositions, audio; and even your competitors’ campaigns.

Emotional Trend Analysis for Anger in Believe In Me (Grief)

Unlimited applications giving you greater creative possibilities

Analyse the competition
Your secret weapon: identify what your customers think about competitors’ marketing. You’ll know more about their audience than they do!
Try new ideas
Encourage creative bravery and remove subjectivity. It’s your opportunity to try left field concepts that you might have avoided in the past.
A/B test your creative
Benchmark your creative concepts against each other with A/B tests, designed to turn around results within 24 hours.
Data-led campaign management
Test the effectiveness of your marketing with your target audience, over time. It's quicker, cheaper and more effective than focus groups.
Elevate your CRM strategy
Drive value from your customer base by understanding emotional drivers by industry, occupation, gender, age and more.
Pitch and win!
One for agencies: test your creative concepts before pitching. Kanjo is cheaper, more accurate and more impressive than vox pops.
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“Consumers don’t think how they feel. They don’t say what they think, and they don’t do what they say.”

David Ogilvy, Confessions of an Advertising Man, 1963

Kanjo uses facial-coding technology to measure emotional reactions to your marketing content, revealing the true reactions of your audience.

Uncovering key moments of emotional resonance, both positive and negative.

Happiness 50
Sadness 50
Surprise 50
Anger 50
Confusion 50
Fear 50
Disgust 50
Calm 50

Kanjo delivers Advanced Emotional Insights through data science and a set of unique algorithms.



Measures how strongly your content grabs the attention of your audience at the beginning and end of your advert.

Attention Analysis Graph


Analyses how your content sustains the engagement of your audience, showing you where engagement is gained or lost over time.

Chart that displays Engagement over time to the Tango "Text Message" advert

Cognitive Load

Maps how easily the brain processes the information in your creative.

Cognitive Load Analysis Chart

Kanjo Index

The Kanjo Index then combines these metrics, providing you with a performance score to easily see the effectiveness of each creative asset.

Video AOrange Man
Video BExploding Granny

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